How to Prepare for a Casino Photoshoot

by Cannon Denver

Photography is one of the most fulfilling professions because you use your skills not just to capture beautiful pictures but significant moments as well. Photography is for all seasons and for all events. One day, you could be at a sports event; another day could be a wedding, and maybe you’ll find yourself at a baby shower later. By being exposed to different events, you’ll get better at producing amazing photographs.

Our previous article entitled ‘3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Digital Photos covered the importance of understanding your basic camera settings, like the optimal pixel resolution and ISO settings. While these are learnable skills that come with practice, some skills need a little more research. For instance, if you’re shooting in a casino and aren’t familiar with the games, it can be challenging to know exactly when to press the shutter and when to be still and watch closely. To capture good shots, you should know a few things about casinos. In this article, we’ll cover some tips on how to prepare for this special scenario.

  1. Know The Policy

The majority of casinos have a policy against photos being taken on the casino floor for security purposes. However, some casinos are not too strict with their policy, especially since practically every mobile phone is equipped with a camera. Therefore, the security and pit boss will probably allow a few casual photos to be taken, like group photos with friends at the craps tables or by the slot machine, especially after winning a big jackpot. So long as you’re not overdoing it and taking several shots every few seconds, you will probably be safe. To be sure, ask the casino management about their policy regarding taking photos on the casino floor. You can introduce yourself and let them know who you are; this way, they won’t look at you with any suspicion.

  1. Understand The Game

There are many games in a casino, and different variants of a specific game may have different rules. To capture some good pictures, you will need to understand the basics of how each game is played and what will happen next. Start with the most popular games, like 5-Card Draw poker and Texas Hold‘em poker, as these tables are usually packed with all the action. By knowing basic terms like “call” and “all-in,” and understanding the flow process of what comes next, you’ll be able to predict patterns of play and know what to point at and when to click. Plus, 5-Card Draw poker is a fast-paced game which means losing and winning happens at a fast pace, thus providing many high quality photo opportunities. Who knows, you may even end up playing a hand or two once you learn the basics!

  1. Capture The Emotions

The photos should capture the emotions on the casino floor. Whether it’s the excitement of a big hand coming in, or desolation at a bad beat – both are great opportunities for shooting a photo and capturing the raw emotions that come with it. An article on Forbes suggests storytelling through dynamic images as a tip to improve the quality of photos. As such, make sure to capture the casino’s décor, such as stacks of poker chips, the dice thrown on the craps table, and the big wheel as a background. Every detail of the casino makes up an important element in photos and adds to the classic casino story.

Doing a photoshoot in a casino may sound complicated. While it is not a straightforward project, like shooting a wedding, there are some things you should know before going all in. Try out these tips, and your casino photos will look amazing!