Maternity & Pregnancy Photography St. Petersburg FL

by Cannon Denver

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. Our elegant maternity photography will capture those special moments forever.

A maternity photo shoot is a great way to remember this special time in a woman’s life. We are a full-service photography studio in St. Petersburg, Florida that specializes in newborn & maternity & pregnancy photography.

You can have your maternity session in our studio, on-site at a park or beach, or in any other location that you choose. Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Maternity Photograph

  • We recommend that you contact us at least two weeks before your shoot to discuss your ideas and to allow time for hair, makeup, wardrobe, and other arrangements.
  • Your maternity session should be scheduled between 28 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Consider your vision for the shoot. Is it on-location or in the studio?
  • Avoid wearing clothes with distracting, complicated, or large patterns
  • To avoid marks on your belly, don’t wear tight-fitting clothes right before your photo shoot (especially if you are arranging a boudoir maternity session).
  • An outdoor maternity shoot is best done at sunrise, which is approximately 1-1.5 hours before sunset.
  • Do not stress about things or think too much. We are here to help you in every way we can. We can help with clothing suggestions and all aspects of posing.
  • Do not skip maternity photos because you are self-conscious about how you look. We want you to feel beautiful and comfortable, and we want to commemorate this important moment in your life.

The Process

  1. Contact us via one of our web forms or give us a call
  2. We will discuss details such as the date, the clothing suggestions, your vision, and how to pay your session fee.
  3. We take the photos (on-location or in-studio)
  4. Take a look at your photos and place your order
  5. We will retouch your photos and process your order
  6. Order now

It’s hard to believe that you are counting down the days until your baby arrives. You may not be sure whether professional maternity photographs are worth the investment. This is depending on your feelings at this point in your pregnancy. Perhaps you are self-conscious about your body or unsure about the cost of a session. It’s important to make the right decision for yourself and your needs. However, maternity photos are worth every penny and will be a lasting investment.


You may not enjoy pregnancy, particularly in the last few months. You may be reluctant to have photos taken of you and not want to share them with your friends. It can be difficult to watch your body grow and change. However, it is easy to forget how amazing and miraculous pregnancy can be. Maternity photo sessions allow you to be present for the changes your body is making, rather than how you look. They can also remind you of the joy and excitement that comes with the birth of your child.


Pregnancy is a time to look forward, no matter how physical you may feel. As you concentrate on the future, it is easy to forget how exciting it was to wait for your child’s arrival. These photos can be a great way to remember those feelings over the years. You won’t regret owning a memento because most women only experience pregnancy once in their lifetime.


It is a fact that one can never have enough photos of your loved ones. We often forget how much time passes in our lives. No matter if this is your first or fourth child, it is a good time to take family photos together. You can track the evolution of your family’s history by taking photos on a regular basis. This will be something you and your children will be grateful for.


Let’s face the facts: most pregnant women don’t feel their best during pregnancy. It is possible to spend a lot of your time in comfortable clothes and very little time on your hair or makeup. Maternity photos offer the perfect opportunity to do your hair professionally or go to a salon for the perfect look. Many women feel that pregnancy is the time when they need to feel beautiful, as it often doesn’t. You can take a maternity session to celebrate your beauty and strength, and remind yourself how beautiful you truly are.


Many people hang their wedding photos on the walls of the house. But imagine images from every stage of your family’s history, from marriage to the birth of your first child to the moment you become grandparents. Maternity photos are just as important as the wedding day. It’s a huge moment when you welcome a new baby into your family. Professional photography is a must for this moment, just as it was on your wedding day.

This post was written by a photographer at Christina Louise Photos. Christina is a St Petersburg Maternity Photographer capturing the intimate moments of maternity, motherhood, and childhood. As visual storytellers, we turn your most intimate moments into lasting memories. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling a photo shoot!

A San Diego Maternity Photographer specializes in capturing the beauty and emotions of expectant mothers during their pregnancy, often using natural light and outdoor settings.

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