Video Script: How To Plan A Video

by Cannon Denver

This work is based on the construction of a script that, roughly speaking, is the transcription of the final product on paper, which serves as a guide for the production of the video by gillespie productions for example. This paper describes the narrative elements – verbal and non-verbal – from start to finish. That is, from the technical aspects before recording to editing the material.

In this way, two videos of the same theme can present an absurdly different quality when one fails in the script’s production. Therefore, this post presents some steps to making a good video script.


Without planning for Short Video Storytelling Tips for example, it is challenging to predict the outcome of the final product. So, basically, in every activity that you practice, planning is the first of them for the production of a video.

When planning a video, we are talking about the basics. First, thinking about your personas, you need to establish your goals with the production of this content. Then, determine the topic and with what approach it will be addressed. Thinking about the audience, you avoid producing content with topics that are not relevant to them. Also, with this information in mind, you direct everything to the main focus of the message without letting it get lost in the middle of secondary content.

To help with this, you can use the journalistic method of questions to delimit the content better.

For Whom?

First, you must know who you are producing content for. Who are your brand’s customers? Who are your subscribers? Getting to know them is the first step to defining the topic to be addressed and the correct approach and language to engage them.


Then, based on this study of your audience, you must determine the topic that will be addressed in your video.


Here, you should reflect on what the video will look like, from the approach to the theme to its dimensions.


As has already been said, today, it is possible to embed video on all platforms. Thus, establish the channel on which it will be presented, as the audience of each one expects utterly different content.

For What?

What is the purpose of your investing in video production? Are you a brand that wants more authority in the sector? A company that wants to generate more sales? Keeping this in mind and the motivation to move forward helps prepare the material with focus.

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